Lactose Intolerant? - Let go of your balloon stomach!

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Food supplements for lactose intolerance normally just contain lactase.

Some food supplements with both lactase enzyme and bacterial culture  are however available. The bacterial culture is often Bacillus coagulans.

Such innovative food supplements however now face new competition! 

Pluslaktas™ namely also contains lactase enzyme and a bacterial culture of a Bacillus coagulans strain. Despite the resemblance with some other similar food supplements we regard Pluslaktas™ as a better choice.

The reasons are mainly that Pluslaktas™:

• contains a similar amount of lactase, but 2-4 times more bacteria
• of course is free of laxative xylitol (a bowel evacuation sweetener)
• has more detailed product info in the box (only in Swedish)

Read more about Pluslaktas™ on the website (only in Swedish). After that you should try yourself and let your stomach decide. Welcome to our small but very dedicated Shop*!

*In the product description found in the Shop we have stated an indicative exchange rate as a service to you. 

Payment, Delivery and terms & Conditions

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